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These electronic files are not construction documents. Differences may exist between these electronic files and corresponding hard-copy construction documents. We make no representation regarding the accuracy or completeness of the electronic files you receive. In the event that a conflict arises between the signed or sealed hard-copy construction documents prepared by us and the electronic files, the signed or sealed hard-copy construction documents shall govern. You are responsible for determining if any conflict exists. By your use of these electronic files, you are not relieved of your duty to fully comply with the contract documents, including, and without limitation, the need to check, confirm and coordinate all dimensions and details, take field measurements, verify field conditions and coordinate your work with that of other contractors for the project. These files are provided as a convenience only. It is your responsibility to check accuracy or completeness including any addendums also provided on this site. All bidding General Contractors may obtain at a cost, hardcopy documents from Washington Engineering & Architecture, Inc., because information presented on the electronic files can be modified, unintentionally or otherwise. We reserve the right to remove all indicia of ownership and/or involvement from each electronic display.

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